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What Is A Science & Engineering Fair ?

Science & Engineering fairs have various benefits when practiced starting as early as elementary school.
They can help students understand and clearly distinguish their interests while exploring relevant science and engineering practices and concepts.
At an early age being able to choose what an individual wants to explore helps one feel autonomous, which is an essential life skill to develop.
For kids, they will feel that some sense of respect is accorded to them and build confidence through self directed inquiry.
Research has found out that the interests that students have about their science or engineering project paralleled their later on careers in life that they wanted to pursue.
In this way science and engineering fairs give students the opportunity to explore and “practice” to might later on choose to do in life .
The competitive aspect of science and engineering fairs also pushes students to modernize their ideas and methods and improve upon existing technologies in a way that requires digging deeper and exploring novel ideas
The nature of these events translates into being extremely beneficial for the individual and potentially for the whole world as a whole.

I really enjoy science fairs at our school. My friends and I always have cool project ideas that we hope could impact the world one day.


Science fair is advantageous in terms of enhancing our transcript comptitiveness. It prepares for me better future, I’m sure!.

~Sarata Anna Dabo, 10th Grade

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