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Director’s Letter

Welcome to our school.

Dear community (that means students, parents, neighbors and friends of AISC):

Learning something new is a process that builds connections of many different kinds: neural connections in the brain that promote understanding of new material, emotional connections that create bonds between individuals, and historical connections between past and present experiences that build possibilities for a future.

And this is what life is all about; we are all –infants just parted from the womb, little tykes on the playground, high school seniors applying to colleges, and school directors– on an exciting adventure of discovery.

Our school is in a true renaissance period, growing in numbers and growing in programs. From Pre-K (four years of age) through Lower School on up to High School culminating in a high school diploma, we facilitate learning in small groups that explore the world through the medium of English language. We welcome you to our campus, and invite you to join us as we help make kids powerful.

Sarah Chevaillier, Director

Watch this short video to get an idea about what learning is like at our school: