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IT / Library / Media

Information technology is integrated throughout our curriculum.  The school owns 20 ipads and 20 laptop computers for students to use every day.  Teachers reserve them for use in their classrooms as tools in addition to the dedicated IT course in the curriculum.  We make use of the following educational programs and platforms for skill-building in math and language arts:

  • IXL
  • Khan Academy
  • Read Theory

Our library has over 1,000 books. Every grade has dedicated library time, and our librarian tailors the program in collaboration with the classroom teacher. Lower School students explore books and check them out for class assignments and recreational reading; Upper School students use the library for research and recreational reading.

Students in Upper School may choose Video Journalism as an elective. They write scripts, interview, video-record and produce stories using iPads and video production software.  Some of the content on this website has been produced by our own students.